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As you may already know by now, I am a dad to a little girl names Rachael. On Friday I took her to see a pediatrician dentist for a regular check up. Of course, as a medical website designer, the first this I was interested on was to see their website. Google search didn’t yield any success and so I hoped to get a better scope once we get to the office.

Our pediatric dentist is someone you would like to take care of your child. She has all the time in the world to answer any questions you may have, unlike regular dentists who focus on seeing as many patients as they can to line up their pockets.

Dr Shah has 3 other dentists in her office plus about 5 other support staff, including x-ray guy. As she was attending my child, I asked her if she has a website for her business. Of course you know I did! To my surprise, her response was that she does not want the headache or extra expense of running and maintaining a website. She also mentioned that she has close family clients that keeps her busy throughout the year.

Of course, I was there as a client, not as a pediatric dentist website design sales person. I was curious to ask her how much she thinks it would cost her to have a full fledged website. As a doctor, she must have been approached in the past with crazy prices. Her response was “about $3-5K”.

While I knew I could build a website for her for less than $1K, I decided not to continue with this topic and focus more on the reason I visited her. On my way out, I gave her my business card and same evening; she visited our website and made an order.

I decided to call her, first to thank her for the order and secondly, to understand exactly what she wanted on her website. To my surprise, Dr. Shah knew little to nothing important on a website. She knew she want new patient to find about her practice from Google but that’s all.

After the conversation, I decided to be writing articles to educate doctors, dentists and surgeons about website design, what to look for, how to do simple tasks etc. I hope you too shall benefit from these simple lessons. I will see you here once again on our blog

Greg Mwangi
Greg MwangiMy name is Greg Mwangi, a medical website design company CEO based in McKinney Texas. I like to hang out at Starbucks and enjoy Pike Coffee while working on your medical website design.

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